Back at the Pig Place

Back at the Pig Place

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‘Where the dear and the antelope play’…

Or just pigs.

We have some buffalo in the field opposite.

So it could be, ‘where the pigs and the buffalo play’.

Aynho Wharf

Had to go to Aynho Wharf. For water.

Turned around.

Came back up again. Took about 2.5 hours from where I was before.

The water takes forever to fill up at Aynho because of the low pressure.

Solar and the cost of living

Able to do all my cooking on solar now the sun’s out.

That means I only use the gas now for:

  • Washing
  • Showers
  • Washing up

Made a 13kg calor last for 4 months last time.

Gas. A gas bottle is £40 now for 13kg. When I started boating in 2016, it was £28.

Equates to around £10 per month for gas.

Electric is free.

Diesel. I bought £75 in January. Might have to get some more in July to get me up to Calcutt boats, in Napton. That’s £12.50 per month.


All in all, £22.50 currently in monthly overheads on the boat.

Narrowboat Ropes

Had a slight bit of wear and tear on my front and rear ropes.

As you can see, the rear rope is frayed and the braiding is coming undone.

I’ve tried to strap it up with some handlebar tape.

It’s really starting to become a hazard, especially in locks, where it can become entangled in things such as the rail bar, or not fly through the air properly because part of the rope become entangled on your hand as you try to throw it.

A danger.

Frayed mooring rope
Frayed mooring rope

For this reason, I had to take a trip up to the Chandlers.

Chandlers on the Oxford Canal

There aren’t that many.

That sell ropes on a Sunday.

Only one.

Weather was hot and sunny, so took the bike to make the 25 mile trip.

Maybe you can guess by looking at my Strava map, who that Chandler is.

Before going back, I dropped into these few pubs for a drink.

Kings Head – Napton – Napton

Butchers Arms – Priors Hardwick – Cropredy – Aynho

Kings Head was the best. Meal was great. Staff are nice. Nice place to eat and drink.

Brasenose was the worst. Not a lot to say about this place. When the management changed, it went downhill.

That’s the benefit of taking the bike rather than driving. Fairly enjoyable ride home 🍺🍺🍺

Here’s a picture of my new ropes on the Brasenose beer table.

Narrowboat Ropes
Narrowboat Ropes

They’re called ‘toffee’ for some reason. I don’t know why…

Pretty aren’t they?

£33 each.


Stopped outside the Red Lion in Adderbury.

This was taking place outside.

In fact, the whole village was given over to Morris Dancing… Kind of like a ‘mini-festival’.

I was subsequently informed that Adderbury was the home of Morris Dancing! (Says on wikipedia).


Some pictures from last 2 weeks.

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  1. Love the ropes. The bike ride sounds pretty enjoyable too. Good that you had love sunshine. x

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