Nene and onwards

Nene and onwards

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Or not, as the case maybe.

Contacted one of the marinas – firstly, I was interested in knowing about staying, then I got to realise going on the Nene was going to cost and EA licence.

EA Licence

Basically means paying twice. If you’ve got a CRT, you’re going to stick to CRT waters.

If you’ve got an EA, you’re going to need to licence for each individual stretch.

Can work out costly.

For this boat, just to go on the Nene and surrounding waters was £800.

Not money I have lying around. Neither worth it, since we’ve already forked out to stay in CRT regulated waters for the next 9 months or so.


I spoke to this marina, who told me that, like the CRT, if you’re on their water, you’re going to be paying their rates.

Looks like a trip to the fens is out of the question.

At least for the moment.

I need to do some more work and save some more money up.


Started raining and I really didn’t fancy getting wet.

Called it a day at Gayton have hung up my boots and started cooking some dinner.

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  1. that’s a shame….you must be disappointed…..choose another lovely location and enjoy

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