Petra – Crazy Camels

Petra – Crazy Camels

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Had good chance to have a look at these strange and amusing creatures.

I suppose the Arabs love their camels like the south Americans love their Alpaca, long neck, big ears, dopey yet amusing faces.

These two camels have stopped for a rest, one of them stands whilst the other sits.

Crazy Camels 1&2

One on the left spreads it’s rear legs, [pictured]. 
As it struggles around in this stance, I wonder whether it has a version of mad camels disease. It’s austere looking friend remains seated.

camel 1

Sitting camel has a regal look as it checks out passers by.

camel 2

No doubt these camels are friendly, but I don’t get any closer as they are a bit smelly.

You will come across these camels on your travels, you can easily ride them, but take it easy with the crazy one is it might dump you off the back.

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