Map of Petra Site

Map of Petra Site

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Here’s a map of Petra.

If you are visiting the site, I suggest you print this map out. They didn’t have any in English when I visited.

Map of PetraMap of Petra
1 Djin Blocks 10 Corinthian Tomb 19 Qasr Al-Bint 28 High Palace of Sacrifice
2 Obelisk Tomb 11 Palace Tomb 20 Unfinished Tomb 29 Lion Monument
3 Al-Siq 12 Sextus Florentinus Tomb 21 Al-Habees Museum 30 Garden Temple Complex
4 The Treasury 13 House of Dorotheos 22 Petra Archeological Museum 31 Triclinium
5 Street of Facades 14 The Nymphaeum 23 Lion Triclinium 32 Renaissance Tomb
6 The Theater 15 Colonnaded Street 24 Al-Deir – The Monastery 33 Broken Pediment Tomb
7 Aneisho Tomb 16 Byzantine Church 25 Turkmanian Tomb 34 Roman Soldier Tomb
8 Urn Tomb 17 Winged Lion Temple 26 Conway Tower 35 Snake Monument
9 Silk Tomb 18 The Arched Gate 27 Moghar Annassara 36 Crusader Fort

Main Sites

Here’s the best of the main sites from Petra, Jordan.

You’ve got refreshments along the way, so don’t worry too much about water.

Obelisk Tomb

Once 7 metres tall. Standing at the entrance caves to Al-siq.

Obelisk Tomb


KML 30.32357 35.45672

Name for the channel running through the mountain. Used to carry irrigation pipes and there is evidence of the Nabateans building and harnessing water through a number of dams as you pass through.

Entrance to Al-siq


Al-Khazneh or ‘the treasury’

Named the treasury as Bedouins believed there was ancient treasure buried in the urn’s which decorate adornments.

Bedouin settlers have routinely taken pot-shots at trying to release the treasure they believed was within. Although that was not possible,  the site is actually a tomb.

The ‘treasury’ Petra

Palace Tombs

A large number of tombs on the south-west face of the Siq mountain.

Probably the largest and most spectacular site in Petra when viewed from the opposite hill, the Palace Tombs are a tribute to the opulence of the nobles who built them.

Standing around 40-metres high they can be easily reached, and there are Bedouin stalls along the way to get refreshments, mint tea, sit down for five minutes.

Palace tombs

Outside palace tombs

petra-IMG_1074.JPG copy
Inside palace tombs

Colonnaded Street

KML 30.329 35.4491

Passing the Amphitheatre, you’ll  reach this the colonnaded street. On the left you have the remains of a Greco-roman style walkway leads from the Amphitheatre up to the site of the Temple, currently being excavated by Browns university.

On the right is the old river with a number of channels leading into it.

At the base of the Colonnaded Street you have the museums and restaurants.

Route to Crown Plaza buffet

If you want a cheap buffet, I recommend the Crown Plaza. KML

The Bedouins will try and sell you stuff. It’s up to you what you buy.

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