Port Bou – Moving on

Port Bou – Moving on

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Call it Port Boo, it annoys the locals and can be used to confuse border officials.

The sort of mentally symbolic gateway between France and Spain.

Rather than wait for 2hrs in Port Bou, I felt the 5 minute train journey over the border could easily be taken on foot.
Alpha male like myself would not find this a problem, and I set off through the Boo heading for the French border.

Aside from treading on a prickly pear on the Spainsh side, and avoiding lumps of dog turd on the French side, a hot, tiring and worthless journey was had.. amended slightly by a cool glass of lager and an ice cream in a beachfront Cerbere.

Next is Nimes, where excitiment, entertainment and a three hour train journey follow.

Here’s a movie of the beach in case you’re as bored as I am..

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