Shackerstone -> Market Bosworth

Shackerstone -> Market Bosworth

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Bosworth, as they call it…..

There is a market but it’s closed… in these COVID times…..

New Job

So I’m working in the local test centre, testing individuals for COVID. It’s long shifts, then a few days off.

I’m writing this on one of my days off.

Tomorrow, I start work again. 7.30am start. 8.30pm finish.

It’s called a LTS, or local test centre. It takes about 15 minutes to get there in the car.


As you can see from the picture, I’m moored opposite a faux Dutch style housing estate.

The houses are three story, which has had the unexpected effect of creating a downdraft for my fire.

A downdraft can be caused, according to Geoffrey at Homefire stoves, wherever there is a taller structure than your chimney stack standing between you and the oncoming wind.

When the wind blows over these houses, the fire doesn’t do so good.


Bosworth MArina
Bosworth Marina

Apart from that, Bosworth is just Bonnie. Close to the waterpoint. 10 Minutes walk up to the village and village shop. Right behind the Bosworth Marina, where I dropped in yesterday to buy some calor.

£29.75 for 13kg compared to the £36 I paid at Weltonfield Narrowboats. What a joke….

There’s a slight chandlers and other everyday nik-naks on sale. Beer and whisky…. Lot’s of these marina boaters get drunk, slip off the pontoons and find themselves in 12ft of water. It’s a common cause of death the people at Barton Turns marina said. They’d had at least 2 ppl who’d died that way. But Barton Turns marina is a big marina.

Still. Deep water and alcohol don’t mix well.

At least if you fall in on the cut, you can stand up and walk to shore!

Here’s another picture of the boat.

Bonnie Lady in Bosworth
Close to the amenities

One thought on “Shackerstone -> Market Bosworth

  1. Cobgratulations on job. Take good care now. Bosworth is a lovely village. It’s good to be close to amenities. Bonnie is looking good x

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