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Flaperon from MH370; no story – 1 month on

Flaperon from MH370; no story – 1 month on


It’s all over.

The French prosecutors that found this wing were talking shit after all.

MH370 disappeared off the face of the earth, and no-one can tell you otherwise.

“We’re going to need a hotel”

Truth is, MH370 disappeared upwards…

Straight upwards.

Very fast.

Treasure Island

This whole treasure hunt, the greatest and most expensive and intensive search mankind has ever seen is a cover-up.

Malaysians, and the authorities know exactly what happened to the plane, and what the kidnapping symbolised.

So, here’s to the survivors.

I know they’re out there.


**Note: As if by magic, on the very same day I published this piece of INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM about the wing, the French media made a PRESS RELEASE.
Isn’t that a co-incidence.
(You can read the press release here

Suspected MH370 flaperon
Suspected MH370 flaperon washes up on a beach on Reunion island.

I was wondering what had happened to this story…

  • First – they had found a plane part, (flaperon), ‘that could only come from the MH370‘.
  • Then – Najib Razak (PM Malaysian Government) announced; “It is with a very heavy heart that I must tell you that an international team of experts has conclusively confirmed that the aircraft debris […] is indeed MH370“.
  • Now – 1 month on. It was said that the Spanish workers at the parts depot were unable to confirm the part came from the MH370 because they were ‘on vacation’.  This is the latest in a long series of excuses.

MSM are tight lipped about said flaperon, even though it was ‘conclusively confirmed‘ and ‘could only come from‘ the MH370.

Why is that? Because it’s turned out to be nothing perhaps?

I’d like to shed some more light on said ‘flaperon’, continue below.

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