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Check Mate

Check Mate

Small Penis
Little Penis


It’s often said that men with small penis’s run the word.

This man’s penis must be heading up the database.

Small Penis
Man with little penis


A penis of size is a penis of power.

Penis from the air


The penis has brought much humour, from school where a cheeky penis could be drawn on a classmates work, or a large hairy penis on the blackboard for an unsuspecting teacher to reveal during lesson. (He! He!)

The unfortunate in possession of the inadequate penis, inferior in size have to learn to ‘make do’ with their wee winky.

Down the ages men with large penis’s have created civilisations, those with weeny ones sought to destroy them.

So in this time of strife, it is time for all men to look down and ask themselves on which side do they fall.