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Calcutt Boats -> Flecknoe

Calcutt Boats -> Flecknoe

It’s amazing the power a little post on social media has…


My little problem with invoicing at Calcutt boats magically disappeared! Simply paid the bill and left.

Social media and complaining

I was discussing this with my respondents the other day. If you’ve got a grievance with a company these days, often the only way to get someone to take notice of you is posting some nasty stuff about it and spamming it out on social media.

They no longer man the phones any more. You’ll be lucky to get a response by letter.

Working for people like Amazon, I know this to be true.

They will just ignore you till the cows come home. Nothing you can do.

Once you start blowing them up on social-media, it’s a different story, you get a response pretty quick.

Same with this Calcutt Boats thing. One day there’s a problem. Post it on social media and it disappears.



I’ve moved the boat a little further down. To Flecknoe.

This is out in the wilds.

The nearest real shops are Daventry, which is 5 miles away.

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Job of the day: Charging narrowboat batteries in series

Job of the day: Charging narrowboat batteries in series

Now I’ve been told this can be done.

There’s no reason you can’t charge batteries in series,

Charging a narrowboat batey in series.
Charging a narrowboat battey in series.


As the diagram suggests, you need a 24V charger to make an adequate PD or potential difference across the two batteries in order that they accept charge.

I don’t have a 24V charger, I have a 12V charger, or 17.2V charger when on quick-charge.

This won’t be enough that the batteries actually charge, and I’m finding this when I disconnect the charger.

Starting the engine and running it is the only way to charge the batteries.

However, I’m not seeking to charge the batteries.

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