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Norton Junction -> Nether Hayford

Norton Junction -> Nether Hayford

Or slightly outside.

When I was doing the compliance, they called it ‘Flore’. Not really Flore, but closer to the motorway.

Nether Hayford

Has a shop and two pubs. Bakers. Other bits and pieces.

It’s not such a bad place.

Was going to stay in Weedon, but they decided they’re going to shut the A5 down for 5 days/weeks.

It’s not clear which it is, 5 days or weeks. On the motorway, it says 5 days. In Weedon itself, it says 5 weeks.

Stolen Post

Last time, when I stayed in this area, I recorded 7 separate instances of post addressed to me ‘going missing’ or being stolen.

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