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WordPress for android


Am using this new app. from wordpress. It’s an apk Download called WordPress for Andriod.

Had to download it from some aftermarket site due to google play’s geographic restrictions.

It allows me to access my blogs whilst on the go.

I’m currently writing this from bettween lessons at school.

Heres a pic.


I haven’t really had a lot of time to do regular blogs , hopefully , this will change that , and I may be able to get one off every day.

Posted from Samsung Galaxy S7566 – WordPress for Android



Taicang a video by MichaelTyler on Flickr.

Professor Juicy describes the walking technique using these plastic durables.
Note the “…..teacher Mike….” comment from one of the children at the beginning, he saying “….teacher Mike is using his camera….”, she says “I know” (turns around and giggles).