Train Journey

Train Journey

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Took train journey to Quinhuangdao roughly 200km north of Beijing, this cost about ?1.30.

Less than 1p a mile.

Quinhuangdao (chin-hun-dao) is the location of the start of the Wall of China and close to the popular beach resort of Xingcheng (shing-chen).

I was the along Farang on the train and also the only farang at Beijing station which, if you’re a fearfull traveller, will put you off.
The language is different the enunciation is more pronounced and the symbols mean nothing to the western traveller.

Off putting.

Luckily I have found a Holiday Inn with Broadband connection.

I have learnt the following Chinese phrases:

How much is it?
Where is it?

I will add to my repertoire as things progress.

One more I forgot.

Bejong – Beer.

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