Tianamen Square

Tianamen Square

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Had a discussion with Taxi driver. Aparently it was Dung Xiao Ping who ordered the tanks into the square which earned him the name Shingsoo accompanied with a downwards pointing thumb which he made a spitting gesticulation on.

Mao was a thumbs up and the current elected leader, erm Ming se Tao he was quite excited about.

He asked about Tony Blair who I didn’t vote for in the last election or the one before. So I made a couple of gesticulations. I get the impression we have room to be a little more derogatory about our leaders out west.

The square
Friendly taxi driver drops me off at the square which is the largest public square in China.

Crossing the road is difficult as it is a 6 laner.

Take a couple of pictures then bugger off back to the hotel.

More later.

Tianamen Square

Tianamen Square

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