Wolf Hall -> Crofton Meadows

Wolf Hall -> Crofton Meadows

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Not far from Crofton lies Crofton Meadows…..

I am now located there, as detailed in my video, the local diary farmer had some issues with my using the lane.

Not a problem.

Crofton Locks

I have moved on. Through the locks at Crofton.

Crofton Locks
Crofton Locks

It’s a genuine steam engine, and listed building that houses it.

I intend to have a look when it opens at Easter.

Saw these pigs

Wiltshire pig
Wiltshire pig
Wiltshire pigs
Wiltshire pigs

They seem happy.

Each one has a little shed that he lives in.

These pigs go for around £300 I’m told.

They look to be a couple of years old. Minimum.

This is all in the vicinity of the locks.

Shortly after the locks, there is visitor mooring, which will revert to standard time restrictions in 2 days.

I didn’t bother stopping, I’d genned the area, and knew there was a better spot slightly further down.

Pretty damn good….

Crofton Meadows Ameneties

  • Winding hole
  • Parking
  • Superfast broadband

It’s pretty close to the railway line. Luckily, the trains don’t honk as they come past, which can be fairly annoying.

Here’s a picture I took at work the other day.

Hanging Langford
Hanging Langford

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