Brimslade -> Wolf Hall

Brimslade -> Wolf Hall

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From the middle of no-where… further toward…. no-where.

The sounds of the trains have died away… there are no more owls….. replaced by cows.

Not flying that is…

So quite….

Things are very quite here, the broadband is quite good.

I’m on the allinone25 package from 3.

This gives me unlimited data on my phone for the month.

I’m connecting with that at the moment and it’s giving me this speed.

Speed in Wolfhall

More or less 1MB per second.

I’ve just been watching Martin Lewis money saving expert on it.

Nice home

I’m finding it a lot more comfortable.

SO much so, I’ve made a video.

Dodgy jetty

When I was getting some water this morning, I slipped on the jetty. To be truthful, it actually collapsed under my foot, and my whole leg went in the water.

Hurt quite a lot.

Not very safe.

The farmer had said it was ‘ok’ to use his water.

Guess I’m doing him a favour.

It would be a lot worse if a paying guest had put their leg through. I wouldn’t have been best pleased if any of the kids had turned up and fallen in.

Bruce, the farmer’s gonna have to fix it now.

Amenities at Wolfhall

  • Parking
  • Broadband

It’s got all you need to be honest.

Was going to work tomorrow, but the weather looks a bit crap. May just hang around here.

2 thoughts on “Brimslade -> Wolf Hall

  1. Well it certainly looks unbelievably rural – and to be able to get a connection good enough to upload your video must be a real treat too.
    So where was the jetty in relation to his water? You missed the water tap off the video !! 😀

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