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Day: March 21, 2018

Stoke Bruerne -> Blisworth

Stoke Bruerne -> Blisworth

Arrived on Sunday. Moved through the tunnel, across the snow covered wastelands of Northampton.

Most of the journey is underground, through the Blisworth tunnel, which is if I remember rightly, a little over a mile.

Now located in Blisworth, where I will stay for the next couple of weeks.

Blisworth is OK. It’s got a pub and a Post Office, which acts as a shop for the odd loaf of bread etc.

There are many friendly ducks and wild foul here.


I registered with the doctors here the other day to look at my ear.

She said I should get some ear drops. The problem’s kind of gone now. Got to get some inhalers though after smashing mine up.

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