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List of dead bankers 2018 – conspiracy update

List of dead bankers 2018 – conspiracy update

**Update March/April 2018

Changed the dates and included some more up-to-date references for the banker deaths. New deaths added.

**Update October 2017

There was a number of deaths in 2017, most of them I picked up second hand. As I’ve said before, I try to stick to the main players.
I’ve added the deaths for this year to the list.

**Update October 2016

Yep. The list keeps growing. Just focusing on major players, or cases where ‘foul-play’ may be involved. I’ve done a little research into the causes of all these bankers dying, which can be found at the bottom of the article.

Having had to spend too much time on youtube recently, has led to the accumulation of the latest and most credible conspiracy theories.

Perhaps the most interesting, is the demise of the common-or-garden ‘master of the universe’. Banker, as they were once known.
They’ve been having problems with mortality recently.
And there’s a very long list of them.

“Everyone is expendable”

 I remember this guy telling me a story about the Porton Down scientists in the 70’s, and how they all went missing or died, after conducting a lot of ‘hush hush’ experiments.

I was perhaps 26 at the time. Youngster.

Also, David Kelly, our ‘Walter Mitty’ style friend the nuclear inspector who blew the whistle on the ‘dodgy dossier’, and, ironically said he’d end up dead in the woods.

3 weeks later he was found dead in the woods…..

These bankers are no different.

If any one of them decides to have an attack of conscience, the whole NWO and shitty gravy train could come off the railsBanker dies on railings.

China’s economy is the final dollop of shit heading toward the fan.

Today they announced that they were experiencing the slowest level of growth in 25 years

So here’s the list.

(Photo By Dennis Gill 07926643703 Suicide Marylebone guy falls or jumps from building and lands on metal rails takes fire service over 3 hours to cut the dead body off the metal railings leaving residents very upset as it took them over one hour to cover the seen Body on fence for over one hour for all to see up setting for locals this all happened on Montagu Square at the corner of Montagu Place leaving residents very distressed)

List of dead bankers 2018

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Gayton Junction -> Blisworth Arm

Gayton Junction -> Blisworth Arm

Not much of a move, but I’m on a different canal now. Blisworth Arm. Leads to the River Nene which has been non-navigable for the last few weeks.

I believe it’s calming down now, and the boats are starting to come past me again.

Blisworth Arm

It’s very quite here. The bird sing a lot.

Last night, there was a fox or some feral animal scouting around the bank side of the boat. Owls screeched in the trees.

I suppose it’s better than the sounds of the A43…

Bonikowski - Grand Union Canal

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List of Demonetized YouTube stars

List of Demonetized YouTube stars

**Updated: 4th April, 2018

Google demonetization
Google demonetization screen

** Updated post here

Google Demonetization

You better watch out….

Google’s latest move is to censor online content moving through it’s various channels; search, video which is ‘controversial’.

You can see it in black and white above.

This site, and other onliners such as WSWS have experienced exclusion from the index, or severe penalties. On the other side of the fence, in the world of YouTube, many publishers whose livelihood is based on the forum through and it’s many subscribers, have found content ‘demonetized’.

Even posters whose content has nothing to do with controversy, light entertainment channels may find they’re getting censored if they don’t present their information in the right way.

In many cases Google is simply targetted the individuals. Removing their content wholesale, whether it’s breaching guidelines or not.

Judgement has been cast

Google refused to monetize my YouTube content many years ago. They said I was running a ‘click-scam’, the truth is, Google Adwords only pays publishers for a PERCENTAGE of the click-thru’s they get on their site. Some clicks don’t get registered at all. When you’re making money from BILLIONS of clicks a day, that’s a lot of money.

I know this, having been a publisher since 2003/2004 when Adwords first came out and I started running the program. I ran it for over 7 years…. Anyway, another story…..

List of demonetized YouTube stars

This list is ongoing, so if you want to slip me an email with your story, I can include you.

ownage pranksOwnage Pranks – 4,300,000 subscribers
Prankster who publishes impersonations he does over the phone as random hoaxes. Very funny.
Partial demonetization.

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Blisworth -> Gayton Junction

Blisworth -> Gayton Junction

Gayton Junction
This is my new location, commonly named ‘Gayton Junction’.

I was here last year, only under the A43 flyover, listening to the cars and trains and painting my boat during the day.

The boat is painted now, and I don’t have to stay under the flyover.

You can see Bonnie on the picture if you look closely…


Today it’s raining, as has been the pattern for the last 2-3 weeks to a month.

As I’m not at work, I decided to take the opportunity to have a look down ‘Blisworth Arm’ which leads to the River Nene and branches off from Gayton Junction toward Northampton.

It’s perhaps half a mile or so before the first set of locks.

Top lock - Blisworth Arm
Top lock – Blisworth Arm

Here it is…

As you can see, it’s the tiddly locks like you get on the Shroppie, Staffs & Worcester and all the other little inland canals. These can be easier for a solo boater, as you can run over the roof and your boat doesn’t swing around so wildly in the locks.

I’m used to the double locks now. I’ve been on them for the last 12 months at least.

Since I reached the Kennet and Avon which was 2016.

It’s about 4 miles from Northampton in this spot.

Gayton Junction

Has a pub, The Walnut Tree.

I used it’s services the other day when I needed to download a game to pass the time in the rain.