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Month: May 2018

Nether Heyford -> Stowehill

Nether Heyford -> Stowehill

Pig’s hill. Don’t see many pigs around, certainly not seen any on the towpath….


Has a nice view down to Flore, the opposing village, separated by the River Nene, just in it’s infancy here.

Took some images out across the valley.

Nene Valley looking East from Stowehill
Nene Valley looking East from Stowehill
Stowehill Grand Union
Stowehill Grand Union
Nene Valley looking West from Stowehill
Nene Valley looking West

I scouted the area, as I always scout the area before a move.

The two important things to consider are

  1. Access:- You could be in the prettiest spot in the world. Fine until you need to use the car and it’s a 2 mile walk to the nearest parking spot.
  2. Internet Access:- I’m on 3 which has fairly good coverage all over. However, if you want to be using your phone on the boat, which I often do, you need to be getting a good, strong signal.
    Use this to check your signal.

Local amenities – Marinas and Firewood

Yesterday I had to go and have a pump out, the first one I’ve paid for since February, usually they’re free because I do them myself.

A pump out is £15. And depending on how much you use the toilet, you have to do one every two weeks.

Got some fuel as well from Rugby boats which worked out about 1/3 cheaper than filling up at Whilton Marina which is about 4 miles up the road.

Rugby boats is right outside the Navigation Inn and right next to the A5.

There is also a Christian farm that sells natural firewood. This is a good place to drop in if you are in the area. It’s at New Creation Farm. It’s Nene Valley firewood, or Northampton Firewood.

If you speak to them nicely, they will do you a really good deal on Firewood.

There are a surprising amount of people that work here. It’s a proper little industry.

Bank Holiday

Crick boat show is on. That’s probably about 2 hours away on the boat, maybe 3.

Apart from that, doing as little as possible today.

Given up drinking for 6 weeks now.

Not really missing it TBH. When I see beer, I want to drink it, but I don’t often see it.

Out of sight out of mind.

Life goes on….

Gayton -> Nether Heyford

Gayton -> Nether Heyford

Quite a long trek.

Mooring between Bugbrooke and Gayton

There isn’t really any mooring in Bugbrooke, unless you want to stop outside the pub.

The rest of the journey is along ‘reclaimed bank’. This is where the towpath has been eroded and re-supplemented with new soil and sandbags, then re-seeded and allowed to grow.

The general effect for boaters is an unstable, un-constituted bank which you can’t trust with your feet and you definitely shouldn’t drive pins into.

The only mooring there is, is a long way from the road and close to the railway line, making it impractical for me personally.

Beast from the East

For that reason, I carried on right the way down to Nether Heyford, where I was when the ‘Beast from the East’ set in.

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Blisworth Arm -> Gayton

Blisworth Arm -> Gayton

Yes. Meadows. These ones with sheep, horses and the odd duck and goose thrown in.

In the middle of no-where basically.

I’ve been here since Sunday, but I had to work on Sunday due to the weather being so abysmal during the week. I only managed to get out on that one day.

Today it improved somewhat, and I popped my head out and took some photos.

Gayton Meadows
Gayton Meadows

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