Arica Birds

Arica Birds

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Arica has a lot of bird life, I have discovered.

I know there are people out there interested in this type of meaningful hobby, myself not previously one of them.

Arica Chile

Mastering the art of spotting burds in Arica is not difficult, they sit atop the trees depositing nitrous chemicals on all below.

Here are some shots to keep you twitchers happy.

I spotted this Pelican on the beach.
It has had a chunk gauged out and part of its internal organism is exposed.
There is a little dog pestering it.

Arica Pelican chunk
Arica Pelican

I sense this beast is due to die soon and feel like doing something to put it out of its misery.
The other passers by do not share my sentiments and view the dying Pelican with impartiality.
I would lob its head off.
I wonder how it got such a big chunk missing out of its side?

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