Barra de Lagoa

Barra de Lagoa

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Have two options:

Accommodation in the city.
Accommodation on the beach – Bara de Lagoa – at the estuary to one of the lakes.

Not a stinky polluted muddy affair but a sparkly blue cristal clear version.
There are fish in it.

Perhaps that is one of the things you notice in south America, how much wildlife is still in the sea and sand air and land.

Some blokes come to the beach later on and catch razor back eels.
The whole village turns out at the peir to watch the blokes fishing for eels.

Some have rods.
Some use nets which they cast out and let sink to the bottom catching on the way down.
When they catch, they smash the eels heads on a rock or stamp on them.

I have got a picture.


These are not eels.

You may have noticed.

These are the little fish which the eels try and catch.

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