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Belgrade was settled in th 4th Century by Celts and has been invaded ever since.

On the confluence of two rivers, one of which is the Danube, it holds some significance for it’s fortress purched where the two rivers meet.

Most recently Serbia bore witness to Slobodan Milosovic. Who must still have some popular support as I saw someone walking down the high street with a t-shirt printed up with him and his name on it.

His policy of ethnic cleansing saw Belgrade turned into a war zone with the UN commencing bombing raids for attrocities against the Kovovans located in the south of the country.

Since then things have calmed down a little and town is getting back to normal.
Kosovo has it’s own capital in the south, Pristina, which I may not be visiting due to complications in border crossings etc. Things are still not that settled down there.

So we’re sticking to Serbia at the moment.

For my first day in the city, I took in some of the attactions, as outlined by my travel guides.

I have 4 travel guides for this journey:-
Hands on
Lonely Planet
Thomas Cooks
Michelin Map –

The michelin map doesn’t really count but its got some good advice on the back.

Toward the end, I might tell you which one to ditch or try and sell you the others, or give them out as prizes.

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