Boat painting – Day 7 – Undercoat cabin

Boat painting – Day 7 – Undercoat cabin

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The cabin is out of the water, and over the last few months, I’ve spent time preparing it for undercoat.

Remove flakey paint

Mostly this has been around the rails, (down the side of the roof), and on the deck areas.

The deck area was completely stripped. The paint there had deteriorated to the point it was in need of replacement.

On most places on the cabin, the paint is in good condition, if a little faded.

Where it wasn’t, I’ve removed the old paint and primed where necessary.

It’s been a long process.

Undercoating the cabin

Here is the cabin.

It’s got one coat of undercoat on the side.

We’re using Rylards white undercoat.

It’s fairly gloopy, won’t roller on at all, so we’ve had to apply it by brush.

Around the windows have been particularly challenging.

There’s always going to be a problem where the flexible seal and the solid paint meet. Weather conditions will lead to the steady flaking away of the paint, starting around the windows.

We’ve replaced the seal on some of the windows.

Remove features

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours removing all the features, fittings and brass.




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