Day 9 – Using a needlegun to strip paint

Day 9 – Using a needlegun to strip paint

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To add to my ongoing series about painting the narrowboat.

Today, I was using a Needlegun to strip paint from the more difficult to access areas which can’t be stripped with traditional tools.

The needlegun works on compressed air to fire a series of steel ‘needles’.


Ours looked exactly like this.

Those ‘needles’ at the end fire out into the surrounding metal, shocking any paint off. It’s a noisy bit of kit, expect to be using PPE for your eyes and ears.

We used it to strip.

  • The bow around the watertank
  • The bow door under the eves
  • The stern tiller area

It took probably between an hour and an hour and a half to do these areas.

It’s not a hard tool to work with.

The video shows what you can expect.

It’s a specialised bit of kit which can be hired in addition to the compressor from any decent hire shop.

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