Bonny Journey – Day 1 – Saturday 27th August

Bonny Journey – Day 1 – Saturday 27th August

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I’ll be travelling as far north as I possibly can before running aground. Then I will travial to the northern reaches of Scotland.

From here, from the small town of John O’Groats, I shall begin my journey down, using methods only of my own means, toward Lands End.

Bonny Journey

I’ve no idea how long it will take, but it seems a bit crazy, so I thought I ought to do it.

Today has been my first day on what I’ve termed…. Bonny Journey, as the name of the boat is Bonny, seemed an obvious moniker.

Rain all day keeps the boaters away…

1st day of my grand adventure, and the weather is abysmal.

..Luckily, it’s kept the other boaters off the canal and I cruise along quite happily…

I’d had reports of 5 deep queues at the locks. Not today. Sheets of rain, and a sprinkling of boaters, enough to help me, a solitary sailor, through the locks…

It all worked out nice. Everything got wet, including my

  • Map (dryed out by the fire)
  • Coat (dried out by the fire)
  • Gloves (dried out by the fire)
  • Phone 🙁
  • Camera (didn’t seem to bother it)
  • Bluetooth speaker (less bothered than the camera)
  • Jeans (drying by the fire)
  • Socks (in the laundry basket)
  • Shoes

All in all, I think the rain situation is under control, and I’m looking forward to another day of it tomrrow if it keeps the bank holiday rush of the waterways.

Day 1 – Map

Day 1 – Video


2 thoughts on “Bonny Journey – Day 1 – Saturday 27th August

  1. Well done Bonnie Lady….and we’ll done Capt’n Mike. The weather was terrible….but as you said it kept the traffic down. You got Bonnie a long way for your first day Yesterday the Staffs & Worcester canal…today the Shroppie the weather today is set fair and fir the rest of the week…so, hopefully, no more soaking wet stuff…for the moment. Bet you slept like a log..warm and cosy and quiet in that spot where you moored. Happy travels today!! Love the pics

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