Cairo – Holy Family Crypt

Cairo – Holy Family Crypt

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The fleeing path of the holy family passed through this spot.

The Holy Family

There are a number of tours explaining the ins and outs of what they got up to.

Basically, when Jesus was born, Herod took it upon himself that the boy had no peace, and pursued the family from Jerusalem, through Jordan into Egypt, where they spent a number of years going from pillar to post.

For those taking it upon themselves, there are tours specially to follow the path of this holy family through Africa and trace the steps of Jesus development and stories.

All interesting stuff.

But, again, since I have no tour I have no information.

Fantastic Shop

There is however, a shop stocking classic furniture and overpriced nic-nacs, similar to the one I came across in X’ian province visiting the terracotta army.
Located in the Crypt of the Holy Family this place was stocked with items you couldn’t find anywhere else, you’d have to pay for items to get shipped over in a crate, but the variety and quality means that everyone passing pays a visit in the hope that they might one day buy something and send it back home.

I have seen a number of these places, some in South America selling one off, expensive, quality items of cultural significance unavailable elsewhere.

Maybe one day I’ll do a Google map with exact locations and share them out.

Until then, here’s just the one.

cairo-me michael tyler
Standing next to Mummy

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