Can you eat Fairy ring mushrooms?

Can you eat Fairy ring mushrooms?

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Without killing you that is…

Fairy ring mushrooms, are they edible?

This field behind me is full of fairy rings. And there are so many, they looked quite tasty….

It might be an idea to try them and see what they’re all about!

As a youth

We used to come across these fairy ring mushrooms all the time, and the guidance at that time was “oh, they’re poisonous, don’t touch them“!

Turns out they’re not….

Cooking fairy ring mushrooms

Here’s a couple of things I’ve cooked with fairy ring mushrooms.

  1. Fairy mushroom curry!


Fairy mushroom curry!

2. Fairy mushroom sausage sandwich!


Sausage sandwich

Turns out they’re very tasty. But not only that they’re free!

I’d recommend cooking them for the minimum of time. Just enough to burn the bacteria off, any longer and you’re losing the taste of the mushroom.

Picture of the Grand Union

One thought on “Can you eat Fairy ring mushrooms?

  1. Oh my….we used to have a book about edible mushrooms. Be very careful the impact is not always immediate.check on the net too. X

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