Castle Petrovaradin – Novi Sad

Castle Petrovaradin – Novi Sad

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Perched high on a hill. The Serbian Exit festival is held here annually. Live music, and shagging basically.

The castle has been in existence from the 11th Century. It’s a large structure incorporating an upper and lower town.

Milosevic’s prisoners
The resistance to Milosevic were held here under house arrest in the administrative offices during the period of the last Balkans conflict.

Old and bold
The castle is impressive in size but not in upkeep.

Boston’s revenge
It incorporates a clock with a large hour hand, which the Germans used to charge ‘clock taxes’ for.
Like our government setting up a ‘view tax’.

Anyone able to view the clock tower had to pay ‘clock tax’.

Drive or Taxi
I drove up.
It would take you 20 minutes of steep inclines by foot. Not what you need after a day walking around town.

KML: lat- 45.25106 lon – 19.85595

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