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China: Wisdom and leadership with a friendly face

China: Wisdom and leadership with a friendly face



Read this article about us all holding on to our knickers with regard to the China situation.

The author cites the cause of the problem being the shift toward free-market.

The problems in liberalization of capital markets are causing instability.

China is a fine place to invest after all.Chinese Gambling

Having lived there, I know many of the problems first hand.

Confucian bureaucracy

Yes, China is a bureaucracy.

And as they say, the bureaucracy feeds the bureaucracy. Making the bureaucracy feed the capitalism may cause problems.

Not just, as the author suggests, in the logistical, functional, and organisational aspects, but also in cultural. And China has 5,000 years of culture as any Chinese man will be more than willing to tell you.

Making a cultural shift from Communist Bureaucracy to Free market capitalism takes time. Maybe a generation. Maybe longer.

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VOD: Male vs Female – Female vs Male and fake Chinese traffic accidents

VOD: Male vs Female – Female vs Male and fake Chinese traffic accidents

Male vs Female

Irish guy has taken it upon himself to make a stand.

In this case, it’s in the name of the male of the species, beneath the Eros statue in Piccadilly Circus, at 9pm on a Saturday night.

woman bottles man at eros statue london

His stand is against the female of the species, who he stands and harasses for approximately 2 minutes before he receives a shock from onlooker female, who may the girl’s friend.

Female vs Male

Back in China: This Chinese girl is on the Shanghai metro, being tailed by other Chinese girls, who you can hear giggling at her actions towards the male passengers on the train.

Word is, she split up with her boyfriend, who has lama genes.

Now she’s missing him and has taken it to the men on the metro, looking for another lama-type to hook up with.crazy chinese girl spitting on shanghai metro

This is the best way she knows.

The Chinese love a good spit anyhow, this one has just found an excuse, in her eyes. I’m not sure about the other passengers on the train…

These Chinese…

Chinese Oscar time.

No need to roll out the red carpet, these aren’t the best actors, but they do try.

Fake Chinese traffic accidents video

If anyone has ever tried smashing a windscreen with parts of their body, they’ll know how hard it is…

VOD: China’s growth figure closer to 2%

VOD: China’s growth figure closer to 2%

This stat has been bandied about in the absence of any believable figures from the government for some time…

Property Pear

Since China’s property bubble went pear-shaped and threatened to pop, figures having been fighting a turning tide of debt fueled domestic demand, and generally flat export and rising wages.

June’s black-Monday on the Shanghai stock exchange have only highlighted what many China insiders have been speculating for a long time.

Foreign Dumping

The whole thing’s a house of cards and it’s not a case of ‘if’, but ‘when’.

The authorities are holding out – perhaps in the hope they can dump the blame elsewhere when things eventually do go tits up. The current South China Sea situation plays into this whole scenario…

Many reckon that rather than risk political and economic destruction, it would be simpler for the government go to war and call for national cohesion in the face of the ‘foreign devils’ who threaten the heavenly kingdom’s 5,000 year old culture and envy at it’s regime.

Here’s the video.

China's growth closer to 2pc
China’s growth closer to 2pc
Spratly Islands. Before and after pictures: September 2015

Spratly Islands. Before and after pictures: September 2015

Despite having said the building had stopped, the Chinese have been busy. The Spratly islands is surely the greatest reclamation project in the history of man.

Spratly before and after photos

These before and after pictures from the Spratly archipalego were taken from Australia’s ABC.
The original article can be found here.

Before and after: China builds artificial islands in South China Sea

The installations are not visible, as the photo’s are exclusively satellite.

I’d like to see the Chinese release pictures of the facilities at a more natural angle.

If I come across such pictures, I’ll be sure to post them in a later post.

For now, we are led to believe that the following facilities have been installed on the new islands –

  • Landing strips
  • Helipads
  • Cement plants
  • Air defense guns
  • Radar
  • Satellite masts
  • Lighthouses

Read more of the article below.

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VOD: Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs + 4yr old black girl experiences racism

VOD: Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs + 4yr old black girl experiences racism

Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs

Had you ever thought of having your young son pee in a pot, boiling up eggs in it, then offering it to strangers?


Well don’t take offense, it’s just the Chinese way…..

Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs
Chinese virgin-boy-pee eggs

I’m going take note the Chinese symbols on those signs and make sure I AVOID them at all costs in the future.

4yr old black girl experiences racism

Well, the US today is a changing place.

They say a Black life in the States has no value.

This little girl is upset because no-one wants to be her friend.

4yr old black girl experiences racism
4yr old black girl experiences racism