Caught up

Caught up

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First rule of working while on the road, always stay at the best hotel you can afford. 2- Never fall behind with your blogging. It’s not big and it’s not clever. So I’ve caught up.

Here’s my final blog of the day from the Four Seasons, Alexandria.

I’ve never stayed in a Four Seasons before, although, I have memories of the one in Sultanhamet and the staff coming out to take photo’s for us when we were all backpackers with no money. This was at the start of my travelling phase in 2001.

I tried to stay in one once in Sydney so this is the first time I’ve tried and succeeded.

Here’s a video taken from the entrance to the breakfast area, restaurant section.

Note cheeping birds piped music in the background. Authentic rainforest from what I can make out.


The ambience is one of complete luxury and relaxation. The service is second to none. The prices are astronomical.

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