Chased by sheep – Little Bedwyn

Chased by sheep – Little Bedwyn

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Usually it’s the other way round.

These sheep started mobbing me as soon as I went into the field. Fairly soon, there was a whole herd of them following me!


Maybe the farmer gets them to be friendly so he doesn’t have to chase them round when he wants to catch them!

I’ve never seen them get this close before.

You could touch their heads, although they didn’t like that much.

After a while, they realised I didn’t have any food and stopped following me…

Life on the canal

I have some new solar panels, which is nice. Just as the sun has gone in.

Even so, they are passing a little on to the battery even if it’s not that sunny.

1-2 amps.

Enough to charge a phone up.

Apart from that, life continues….

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