China Visa Medical – Experts certificate

China Visa Medical – Experts certificate

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**Update 03.05.2015
All this has changed, the regulations for acquiring an experts certificate and a Z-Visa can now be found on the Visa for China site

Could this be harder to get in the UK?

Since the changes regarding the experts certificate, a number of changes have come in, such as the new experts certificate website.

Also, as well as this, you’ve to concentrate on getting your Visa Medical. No mHappy catean feat, considering no doctor will touch the thing.

Full HIT

Getting the Chinese Visa medical done in the UK, you’ll need to find someone to complete the whole thing, which mean STD screen, ECG, chest x-rays and physical examination.

Google is your friend here. I’ve spent the day today and got the following quotes for the Chinese Visa Medical – Experts Certificate:

Pallmall Manchester – £550 all in

EPM Birmingham – £270 all in


Obviously a big difference in prices, and as I said to the girl. I’m not willing to pay £550 for something that’s going to go in the bin in 3 weeks.

EPM Birmingham

Plumped for this option, as it was only a short distance from the house. Very plush for a doctors, nice plasma t.v. to watch Ikea sofas. No coffee or tea, which I get at the doctors, which would have been nice.

Guy was Indian. Took me in. Asked me a few questions about my experience and expectations of this medical. He was able to provide some guidance and his advice was backed with experience, which made the process much shorter and straightforward.

All in all the consultation took 20 minutes and the final cost was £210.

Scanned results

The receptionist was able to pass the documents to me by post. Also, they offered to scan them, which is an option if you need to get them in quickly for your Z-visa.

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