Day #1: Buckley to Llandudno

Day #1: Buckley to Llandudno

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A nice easy day to get the ball rolling….

I drove my car up to a friends house, just outside Buckley, close to the Wales/England border.

She wasn’t in, so pretty much.. got on the bike.

Easy ride very few hills. Wind is a bit of problem, as I said to one of my respondents the other day, it just never stops.

Scenery not particularly spectacular, certainly not up to East Coast Scotland standards, but Llandudno is pretty nice.

Prices are eye watering. For what you get. I guess that all the additional COVID measures they’re having to pile on in order to get the punters in cost money.


Is like a North Wales answer to Brighton. Moneyed classes from the Victorian era used to come here to sun themselves, put their feet up and rest a knotted hanky on their heads.

Not seen too many knotted hankies. Nor holiday makers to be fair. Cycled past Pontins Prestatyn. Place was virtually dead. Saw about 4 families in the whole complex.

Tomorrow I’m going to cycle on to a mystery destination! revealed at a later date (tomorrow night).

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Day #1: Buckley to Llandudno

  1. Looks good – had you gone to lovely Llandudno just a very few weeks ago, you’d have been chased off the streets by marauding goats … 🙂

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