Day 33 – 35: Resting in Muktinath

Day 33 – 35: Resting in Muktinath

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Went to the doctors at 9am next morning.

He said I had snow blindness and told me it would take 48hours rest to clear it up.

He gave me some tablets and eye drops. £4.


Can be much worse than I experienced it.

My eyes were sensitive, no real pain.

For the next day, I couldn’t read or focus, make out objects etc. and every time I closed my eyelids, they would fill with water.

It’s now 4 days on.

My eyes are still red. I can read and focus.

They are still sensitive to the light, but they work.

For this whole period I was in the Budha Hotel Muktinath, where they took care of me right in the centre of Muktinath.


There are some religious temples here of significance for Hindus and Buddhists. Due to my ailments, I didn’t take any attention to them.

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