Day in training

Day in training

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I’ve been learning how to use my camera.

Here’s some shots with different aperture settings.



f is a measurement of the focal length. A constant if you like. Depth of field it’s sometimes called.

It’s to do with the intersection of the lines of vision through an aperture or hole, the bigger the hole the more you can see kind of thing.

This is all new to me, previously I’ve been in with the pocket camera’s. Better for the round city ad-hoc photos.

Not much good for panoramic landscape shots.

Elected for the Canon for consistency.
Have found it easier to use than expected.
Many of the pre-sets are the same as you might find on your point and shoot: Giving you the confidence to move quickly on to making shots with your own settings.
The last one is just about the right level of exposure.
This should save me a lot of time fiddling round on photoshop if I can get a good level of color and exposure will keep the time down.

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