Eating out in Jerusalem

Eating out in Jerusalem

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Since there seems to be so little about this on the Internet, I’m going to introduce you to a well researched list along with exact locations of some of the finest, cheapest or most popular eateries in the city.

Beni’s Fish Restaurant
1 Mesilat Yesharim, Jerusalem
Located in the Abu-Kosh district of town along with some other popular restaurants, Beni’s serves fresh fish Kosher style.

There wasn’t a massive selection on the menu and no starters. I had grayling, surrounded by humus, garlic pita, tadziki, boiled eggplant and french fries.

The fish is fresh, topped with paprika and coriander fresh from under the grill. Took about 20minutes in all.

A fish supper with a bottle of water and coffee came to 87 shekels or £11.

KML 31.78073 35.21427

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Armenian Tavern
79 Armenian Orthodox Patriarchal Rd, Old Town, Jerusalem

Listed by the Lonely Planet guide, I checked this Café because it’s right near St. David’s tower and the Jaffa Gate, making it an in-out job.

One of the best meals I’ve had was a veal in red wine sauce sauteed with shallots and mushrooms at this hotel in Dodge City when visiting the Rushmore Memorial. Just thought I’d let you know.

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Anyway, back to matters in hand, the Armenian Restaurant has a terrific waitress/owner you could visit just for her. But, the food is good also.

I had Vine leaves with mince and meal stuffing, served with a creamy sauce, pita breads and mushrooms. The rice and pita soaked up all the sauce and my plate was clean by the finish.

It’s a nice restaurant to visit because of the authentic decor and prime location, wooden panelling and sepia photographs, historical, almost like a gallery in itself.

Stuffed vine leaves + 2 beers cost 75 Shekels or £9.

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KML 31.77544 35.22882

The Minaret – Lebanese

Located slightly outside the main walls, the Minaret is set slightly back from the road in a small arcade.

It serves authentic Lebanese salads, dishes and sweets. Obviously quite popular, there were a few people of different nationalities, English and Italian and American. Some dishes were sold out went I got there.

The food came quickly, I had a pita with olives and gherkins as a side starter. Every time I’ve eaten in Israel they’ve brought out this salad like a starter, be it humus and a few pita or fried eggplant, olives etc. until the main meal arrives.

I had a Sinai, which is ground lamb and meal combined in a large meatball with garlic, coriander in a tomato sauce.

Simple but effective.

Washed down with a Retzina the meal came to 70NSi or about £8.

Also had some Jelly Babies – 1NSi.

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KML 31.779 35.222

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