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Have landed in New Zealand, Christchurch. Flew over with Virgin Blue.

Bought a camera in duty-free.

It’s a Canon Eos 350D. An entry level SLR.

Paid ?528 for the camera, battery, case and 2gb memory. Slightly cheaper than you’d find in the high street in the UK.

If you want to go to Pixmania you can get it cheaper, but you get all the manuals in French.

Here’s a picture.
Canon Eos 350D

I’ll be taking the more detailed shots with this one. I’ve found the flash on portables to be really poor under normal conditions.

I’ve still got the pentax optio s5i from Tykeblog south America.

Bought it in Costa Rica, when I got sand in my old one in Rio de Janerio.

I can put this in my pocket and walk around for random, round-town shots.

So. I’m all set.

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