Flickr doesn’t work in China

Flickr doesn’t work in China

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Some time ago. Flickr changed the design of their photo-hosting service to what is know in the industry, as a JSON platform.

Under most circumstances, this adds a lot more user functionality. However, you must remember that FLICKR by it’s nature is not a bandwidth light site. It’s bandwidth heavy.

All the images come at the cost of the JSON code not functioning at all.

I ceased using the site in July last year.

In CHina it wasn’t possible. Flickr simply doesn’t work in China. I’ve tried it using a VPN.

The functionality was so restricted, that when Paypal put the renewal through this year, I contested it and won on the grounds that it wasn’t ‘fit for purpose‘.

I know many of you photo-sharers out there must have encountered problems.

I missed Flickr and being able to share my photo’s online with friends and family.


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