Train journey Nanning to Yunan – Kunming

Train journey Nanning to Yunan – Kunming

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Taking the sleeper, a long 13 hour journey, most of it through countryside. Countryside is a bit of a rare occurrence once you get outside the main provinces.

If you look carefully you may be able to pick out the farmers in the fields. Still, most of the people live and support themselves through farming, although China has tried to urbanise them and move them into big towns, spend money etc.

The Chinese dream is still a pig and a bowl of rice in most parts of the country.

The soft sleeper is the ‘posh‘ class of Chinese train travel. We had piped music. Soft bedding and access to electrical sockets.

Not bad considering the last journey on hard sleeper – a money saving exercise – involved me stripping down to my boxer shorts and pacing the corridors of the train trying to cool down surrounded by other sweating Chinese.

They refused to turn the air-conditioning on before we got on the ferry. It got very hot. Haikou is in the south of the country. It’s the hottest place, I fail to see why they didn’t have it on all the time. But hey, welcome to China.

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  1. Sounds pretty exotic…could do with some warmth hereabouts….enjoy your travels.

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