Fort William – Ben Nevis Ascent

Fort William – Ben Nevis Ascent

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Ben Nevis peak

This is the second major peak I have sought to conquer in the UK having seen off Snowdon last year. Bank holidays represent a good time to venture out and get the job done.

The weather is hot and sunny, the accommodation in Fort William is booked up, the buses are swelling with backpackers, Scots and Brits alike are out to make the most of the weather.

Have not encountered midges yet. These may come later.

There are two ways to climb the mountain, to start from the Youth Hostel or to start from the Visitor Centre, both are on the same path.

Recently climbed up Snowdon.
There you have a choice of about 3-5 paths to the peak itself and many more interjoining across the hills and valleys below.
Ben Nevis has one route to the top.

The Path
Climbing was fairly easy, much of the lower sections path are slabbed.

Midway point is marked by a lake not visible directly from the path.
Stop here and have yer brew or banana or whatever.

Approaching the summit, kept on finding kids where trying to overtake me.
Not effected by the altitude they were able to almost run up the last part, little buggers.

The last part was made up of lunar scree. Bleached rock etc.
Have got some pictures to demostrate this exciting landscape which has a tendency to slip out from under your feet on the way down.

On the top of the mountain the had a memorial to people who have lost lives of friends or family on the mountain.
There were more than a few.

Also there was a small tin refuge mounted atop a pillar of rock for climbers who find themselves in a predicament not wishing to become part of the memorial.

After surveying these mountain top features and the view, which was fantastic. Ate scotch eggs ready for descent.

View from Ben Nevis

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