Gayton in the Fields

Gayton in the Fields

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Sort of between Gayton and Rothersthorpe in the wilds of the Northamptonshire countryside.


Close to the Evergreens Equestrian center. No doubt they will be feeling the effects the covid virus in the course of time. Usually, there’s parties of kids who learn to ride the horses in the gymkhana behind the boat.

Can’t see demand being that high whilst the specter of DISEASE stalks the British isles.

There’s hosses in the field right opposite and canada geese and swans that overnight in the field next to the bridge.

Generally lot’s of wildlife around here, which I’ve noticed before.

Choice spots

I suppose this is one of my chosen spots on the way out toward my new home.

This year, I’ve decided to move. This time in a northerly direction. I won’t be taking in every mooring stop and doing 14 days in each, just the choice spots on the route between Blisworth and Rugby.

Choice spot no.1

Today, it’s the first choice spot. Gayton in the fields.

I moved here today at about 7am.

I’ve been here a few times.

There are low hedges, and fairly good broadband, parking. Very peaceful. About 1 mile from Gayton and a mile from Rothersthorpe.

Get’s sunshine all day. When there’s sun to be seen.

Good for painting as the bank is fairly low allowing you to access the sides and hull without problem.

Also, being a 45fter, I can push it round with poles here.

Here’s a picture or two.

Bridge 45 Grand Union - Gayton
Evergreens equestrian center

The Bonnie Lady

I’m trying to get round to adding the name to the boat, but it’s taking a long time.

I did a bit of bevel painting around the stickers we added last year.

It sets them off. I’m planning to do the other 3 here of the course of the next 2 weeks.

Painting a narrowboat.
Beveling the stickers on Bonnie Lady

These stickers are quite big and were going to cost about £300 or something ridiculous.

I was quite set on getting them, after a few phone calls around some his contacts, the old man managed to talk to one of the local gallery owners in Jackfield, one of the locations that got flooded out in the Ironbridge floods this year.

I wonder if he’s still there. Simon York Fine art publishing. There. I’ve done him a link. Maybe if you want to get some stickers for your boat and don’t want to pay out of the nose you can look in on his website.

Worked out about £240 cheaper or something.


Just goes to show how a little effort and research can save you a lot of money.

Food shot

Here’s some sardines I had for dinner last night.

Mighty tasty too. 54p From ALDI.

Can’t go wrong.

Fish supper

Forgot to stock up on bog-roll when I was in there today.

Maybe I’ll get some next time.

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