Gayton Junction -> Blisworth

Gayton Junction -> Blisworth

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Only moving down a little bit.

This is the place closest to work, so I’m here until after Christmas to make things easier.

It’s roughly a four mile drive to Amazon from here.

16 miles less than the same time last year.


I went to the pub/restaurant, the Walnut Tree the other night.

They had a band on, which was quite entertaining. Just playing some soul/pop covers.

Free to get in.

No problems.


Is quite noisy.

Station Road – Blisswort

It’s close to the railway embankment which means there’s more train noise than usual (for me).

Railway embankment

After a couple of days, you hardly notice the trains at all.

It tends to be the vibration that cause the problem, and that’s not a issue here.

I’m pretty used to it now.


Cut some wood found in a field off the towpath in between Gayton Junction and Blisworth.

Good wood yah!

Enough for a little while…

One thought on “Gayton Junction -> Blisworth

  1. It’s lovely there, very peaceful. The Walnut Tree looks freat too. Good that it’s so handy for work. Enjoy the peace and tranquility.

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