Great Bedwyn -> Little Bedwyn

Great Bedwyn -> Little Bedwyn

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Not that far, as you’d think. Further than a lot of people move.

Seems to be a lock is enough in this neighbourhood.

Did consider following the crowd and just moving to a spot that I’d been to before. But Little Bedwyn is fine.

You’ve got to move and this is a good a place as any.

Little BedwynThis is what it looks like looking out of my window at the moment.

2 Leisure boaters went through at the same time and the pound is a little empty.

Wiley Fox Swift 2

I’ve got a new phone.

My Galaxy was feeling a little beaten up, it’s something I’ve had for 2 years or so.

It sometimes makes an annoying notification noise continuously when charging.

It doesn’t have 4G.

It has quite a small screen.

The new one got good reviews on Amazon.

wiley fox swift plus

It’s British made. Made in London. I don’t find the design of Samsung particularly stimulating, unless you have an ‘edge’, and Apple just spy on you so I’ve no interest in having one of them.

I plumped for this one because it had a faster processor than my current handset. Plus it looks fairly modern.

There was really very little packaging, just the phone, the charge-up cable and the warranty.

I’ve been playing around with it a little bit today after moving the boat.


I’ve also moved to O2.

The signal on Three was non-existent until you get to Hungerford, which I’m in no hurry to do.

I’ve got this sim with a 20GB download from O2. I’ve used 2gb today, since 10am.

It doesn’t look like the allowance is going to last long…..!

Three is unlimited.

The sales people from O2 are a real pain in the ass, ringing me up and telling me what ‘they would do’ to get a better deal.

Part of sales is listening, being aware that the punter may have a genuine objection, which I’d already put forward. This didn’t stop the sales person, who continued to tell me it was not what ‘she would do’.

I put the phone down on her.


This new SIM sure is nippy!

Look at the download speeds…..



Pretty significantly faster. Faster than 83% of UK to be exact.

Shame I won’t be using it….. on an allowance of 20Gb.

Monthly UsageI’ve done in 11Gb so far in April.

We’re half way through.

I’m going to try and fiddle with the set-ups a little, try and maximise my free bandwidth.

Otherwise, I’m quite impressed….

Had a walk around

The village.

Some kids were out playing on the green before the church.

It’s not actually possible to traverse the railway/canal in a vehicle.

I had to drive a round 4 mile journey to Gt. Bedwyn, which is a roughly 2km walk.

It’s split in two halves.

Here’s the left hand half.

Little Bedwyn – Canal
Little Bedwyn – Church St.
Little Bedwyn – Church

Came home, tried to push the boat out a little.

Didn’t work…

Trains are going by, they’re not that noisy it seems, we’ll see what happens when I go to bed.

2 thoughts on “Great Bedwyn -> Little Bedwyn

  1. Looks absolutely lovely…enjoy your stay there. Phone sounds good…I’m with 02 have been for years as they have an ‘addon’ for Europe which is pretty good. Bet you’re enjoying the nice weather on Bonnie….now don’t eat too much chocolate the day after tomorrow xx

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