Jacobite Steam Train – Mallaig

Jacobite Steam Train – Mallaig

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If you are going to book the best tickets are the ones with the lower numbers 12 represents an aisle. People aren’t enthused about swapping.

6 station stop offs along the way and many photo opportunities. The train stops in Mallaig, terminus fishing port.


Sheets of rain flush the streets as I make my way round.

Mallaig is a fishing port which in the summer receives a lot of tourists.

After two hours in windy, rainy conditions, tourism aesthetic has given way to grim realisation that Mallaig is a dirty fishing village with knobs on.

The novelty is how it has become a tourist destination in the first place.

The fish and chips are rated the best in the country and you can catch ferries in many of the Scottish islands, but I would rather catch a flight to the south of France or Spain.

This is what the Scottish tourist industry is up against.

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