Kunshan arrival

Kunshan arrival

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tinglin_park_kunshanNow in Kunshan at my school, Linestart. Have been introduced and had a look around the place. Went out to teach yesterday in Kindergarten with a colleague Edsel, from New Zealand.

Took a long drive to the Kindergarten, which was about far enough so that Mary kept phoning me asking me where I was until I realised they had something different organised for me and I was supposed to be doing something different entirely!

Typical China.

6 thoughts on “Kunshan arrival

  1. Great to hear that you’ve broken out of Kong. Assume all paperwork being processed with help of Linestart from now on.

  2. haha. couldn’t help yourself could you? You gotta give me a shout when you make it to the big city. I promise there will be no baijiu, but I cant make any promises about Adel.

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