Kunshan night out

Kunshan night out

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Invited to night out in Kunshan to round off Friday I guess.

tinglinpark_kunshanWent to place called Fubar which was an English style pub at the top of a three storey waterfront cylindrical tower block.

Pretty posh. Nice beer.


Played Scrabble which was pretty unusual.

Moved on to place called the Whale bar in Kunshan which had a live band playing and was a lot more lively.
More bar-ish, no scrabble boards in sight.

Had a few drinks and a shao kao to top it off. Nice.

Kunshan KTV

Last night went to the KTV, which I had been warned about. Had the full room laid on by one of our pupils, as much weak beer as you could possibly wave a stick at, or a microphone. They had a little booth, you could stand in or you could walk, or sit.

Was fun, much more fun than doing it in a pub full of people.

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