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So this is where I’ll be doing some of my work.

Linestart Kunshan
Linestart Kunshan

It’s the training suite for Linestart Kunshan. I’ve captured a picture of one of the ‘English Corner’ type lessons that we’re paid to organise along with Kindergarten and company training sessions.

These take place at different times during the day.

I’ll be doing more Kindergarten tomorrow, after having had my first lesson today, which went very well, considering I had no lesson plan or anything else prepared before hand.

Tomorrow, I have to catch a taxi, which should be a nightmare. Must have spent over an hour waiting for taxi’s in Kunshan so far and I’ve only been here for 6 days.

Still, looking forward to the lessons, they should be fun judging by todays.

4 thoughts on “Linestart

  1. English corner? Can you rig up some light drizzle to make it more authentic? And maybe sprinkle around a few Special Brew cans?

  2. I was telling them about church and state. They kept asking me about the opium wars. I kept silent and ignorant like a goood Brit should.
    Clever these Chinese…

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