Mini USB Voltmeter

Mini USB Voltmeter

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Got this USB Voltmeter to charge up my devices and let me know how much PD I’ve got in my battery.

USB Voltmeter

Mobile/fitbit/tablet/other devices

All use USB rather than 240v or any other fitting.

I saw this device on ebay and it’s taken me since October to figure out where to put it!

USB voltmeter
USB voltmeter

Here it is in it’s new home.

Above it you can see the existing socket and electrics.

We’ve got some switches for the lights and water-pump, which I also secured the other day to stop it banging around and vibrating so much.

Why the previous owners didn’t do this, I do not know.

USB Voltmeter

This one’s got 2 sockets.


The 2.1 amp counts as ‘fast charge’.

My phone sits on the shelf above, or in the vicinity. The shelf also holds up the 240v inverter, when I have cause to use that.

Decided to do a blog. The weather’s not allowing me to go out. I think this is a fairly handy bit of kit for most boaters.

Also fixed this,

which some people may recognise…

The James Hargreaves Plumbing centre, where I get my pallets gave it to me. In return for taking pallets off them I guess.

Fits very well.

I guess 25mm must be a standard fitting.

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