Mount Villirica

Mount Villirica

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Have decided to take Volcano Villirica today and this requires and early start, 7am to be exact.

Go down to tour guide company in the middle of town, B’O’Higgins the main street.

Tour Company
The tour company provide you with most of the kit and the stuff that you wouldn’t usually buy:

  • Hats/helmet
  • Ice pick
  • Crampons
  • Good Joke
    One of the guides thinks it is funny to remove my crampons from my rucksack whilst everyone is getting their gear ready.

    This could have been funny, but for the fact I saw him do it.

    Later when we had to put our crampons on of course, I’m the only one with no crampons.

    Tremedously funny.

    After some gentle vocal persuasion the guide gives me his.

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