New 7 Wonders

New 7 Wonders

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THe first global election.

Here’s the New 7 Wonders as voted for by you.

Rome – ColosseumIndia – Taj MahalBrazil – Christ the RedeemerJordan – Petra

Mexico – Chichen ItzaPeru – Machu PicchuChina – Great Wall

The government’s broadcasts to the effect of getting elected seems to have worked.

I’ve been to most of these wonders.

Rapa Nui is 50 40ft porous statues on a island 2,000 miles in the pacific.
The permanent population of the Easter islands is 3,791.

If you compare that to India, it’s not surprising they didn’t get it.

Never at Sea
The Nazca Lines in the western Atacama desert portrays illustrations only visible from directly above.
Virtually useless when wandering the dryest desert on earth, testament to the wacky stuff they got up to over there using stones.

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