Nice – Dogs

Nice – Dogs

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The French have a national obsession.. with dogs.
A Frenchman owns a dog much the same as anybody else would own a car, he buys it from new or secondhand, drives it around for a little showing it off. This is the French way.

french dogI have included this picture of a classical French dog and pose. When visiting French parks, especially city parks, you will becomes aware of just how important the social role of the dog, A canine represenative is essential when going forth breaking down and breaking down those froggy social barriers, sniffing, biting, frolicking when no-one is looking..

With the dog of course comes the dog poo, which again comes in all shapes and sizes as I’m sure we’re aware. This is one of Frances ever present hazards and should not be underestemited. The danger of mistrodden poo, especially under load or at perculiar angle can lead to slippage much to the amusement of onlookers. Be warned.

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